Camp Kono Staff: Our counselors are credentialed elementary school treachers with over 120 years of combined experience. We are dedicated to inspiring creativity, self-confidence, and teamwork through the performing arts.

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Amy Donnell
Shannon Featherstone
Katie Horwald
Katherine James
Sarah Kono
Jamie Lopes
Tamarr Paul
Rob Regan
Isao Sagano
Marco Silva
Janis Spracher
Rose Wilcox
Kristin Wright

Tabo Kono


Tamarr is singer, choreographer, performer, hip hop artist and the director of the Rhythm Dance & Fitness Studios and Rhythm Street Team. He has worked with world renown dance choreographer Debbie Allen as a principle Hip Hop teacher at her dance academy in Culver City. Tamarr travels to dance schools around the country educating students in the Art of Rhythm. His attitude and aura inspires choreographers, dancers, artists, and musicians to create, own, and love their Art.


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